MultiVehicle Blockchain Game

Be a Kart champion, destroy as many enemies as possible to earn a SkyPod to race our skies!

3D Game-Ready Assets


3D game ready Karts assets give players the ability to upgrade from there base kart with updates to Tire friction, Max forward speed, Max backward speed, Aero dynamic, Rolling resistance and starting abilities. These karts will give players the upper hand when battles begin!


Rarities (Phase 1)

Common - 1060 NFTs (no start bonus)

Uncommon - 830 NFTs (no start bonus)

Rare - 650 NFTs (no start bonus)

Ultra Rare - 500 NFTs (no start bonus)

Epic - 218 NFTs (start bonus)

Legendary - 75 NFTs (start bonus)

Our NFTs

Karts Mode


Karts Mode

This mode is an arcade/racer where you need to eliminate all other karts on the level to win using different abilities that you can find on the level, you and others have 3 health points each.Map size is about 13600 square meters. You can hold up to two abilities at a time.

To move faster you can use acceleration pads (blue rectangles on the road) or use nitro. You will increase your nitro value by drifting.






(1) Freeze (Ice) ability. On the level it looks like an ice shard, when you fire it enemy will freeze for 5 seconds, no damage will be dealt.

(2) Fireball. On the level it looks like burning fire, it deals damage of 1 health point upon collision with the enemy.

(3) Black Hole. This anility looks like a black sphere with lightning’s around it. When it hits the target, enemy will be damaged for one health point and disappear for 5 seconds.

(4) Blast. This ability looks like an ice circle and upon using this ability it will launch everything in small radius in the air, deals no damage and instantiates on the player position.


  • Completed! Training mode, all users can practice and improve skills against bots.
  • Completed! Main map (for Kart) with multiple map setup options
  • Completed! 3333 NFTs Karts (Series I), as PFP and ready to play in 6 rarities
  • Completed! SkyPod Racer initial game release
  • Completed! 3333 NFT SkyPod NFT claims and purchase (1111/3333)
  • Completed! Additional map (for Kart) + Series II Kart Sales (based on demand)
  • Pending Zeus token release. NFT upgrades purchase via Fungible Token & OAS (for Kart)
  • Pending Zeus token release.User can commence to claim and earn Fungible Token
  • Pending Zeus token release.OffChain marketplace for other basic upgrade none NFT items
  • Arcade mode (pay per play) access to special stages with exclusive prizes
  • Pay with wOAS or ecosystem Fungible Token
  • Series III Kart Sales (based on demand)